TORMAX Secure+Therm

The new Standard for Secure and Energy-Efficient Automatic Sliding Doors

TORMAX Secure+Therm

Security and energy efficiency in automatic sliding doors now have a name – TORMAX Secure+Therm. Our new door system offers certified burglary protection to resistance class RC 2, whilst using a slender, thermally separated door profile. It combines all the quality features that make your entrance a modern, valuable installation.

Uncompromising Security and Energy Efficiency

Tested security
Shopkeepers, hotel managers and company owners want and have to protect their buildings against burglary and vandalism. Insurance companies demand security measures so that it keeps premiums low. Fitted with the new TORMAX multipoint locking and numerous other security features, the TORMAX Secure+Therm sliding door system offers all the advantages of an automatic sliding door during business opening hours and the necessary burglary protection after closing time. The whole system has been examined and certified.

High energy efficiency and impressive aesthetics
With the TORMAX Secure+Therm, cold, heat, damp and noise are kept outside. By using this sliding door system you create a refined atmosphere in your building. Customers and staff feel and appreciate the comfort, and because the TORMAX Secure+Therm sliding door system has a very slender and compact thermally separated profile, you do not have to compromise on aesthetics.

Reliable technology
Proverbial TORMAX quality pays off. The above-average service life of the door systems, maintenance-free motors, and reliable technology, means there are less interruptions and fewer servicing call-outs.
Furthermore, the high performance of the TORMAX drive systems increases convenience in daily use. The overall operating costs are significantly lower than for other alternative systems.


TORMAX multipoint locking for effective burglary protection


Thermally separated lightweight profile TORMAX LR 32THERM


Product Features at a Glance

  • Certified burglary protection to resistance class RC 2
  • Thermally separated lightweight door profile for high energy efficiency
  • Manual or electromechanical multipoint locking with manual release, incorporated in the door profile
  • Proven TORMAX iMotion drive technology
  • Special options for rescue and escape routes (RER)

Door parameters

  • Door opening widths 700 – 3000 mm, passage height max. 3000 mm
  • Maximum weight of door leaves: 1 x 200 kg / 2 x 180 kg
  • Maximum weight of door leaves in RER systems: 1 x 150 kg / 2 x 130 kg

Sliding door drive

  • TORMAX iMotion 2302, TORMAX iMotion 2302.R (for RER)
  • Gearless synchronous motor, dynamic, quiet, efficient, long-lasting
  • Construction height 150 mm with vibration-absorbing rails, large quiet tandem rollers and counter-rollers for backlash-free sliding door travel
  • Multiple lever-out protection with lateral interlock
  • Modular, programmable TORMAX iMotion microprocessor control unit with excellent functionality, extensive monitoring and diagnostic functions
  • 6 operating modes (automatic, reduced opening, exit, permanent open, off, manual operation)

Door profile

  • Thermally separated lightweight profile TORMAX LR 32THERM
  • Integrated multipoint locking with manual release
  • 40 mm profile thickness
  • Nominal 32 mm glass thickness for insulating glazing

Insulating safety glass

  • Safety glass RC 2: P4A to standard EN 356


  • RER: electromechanical emergency opening
  • Battery module for emergency operation
  • Various modules to extend the control unit; additional inputs and outputs, network modules
  • Mechanical emergency opening
  • Various types of lock cylinder can be used


  • CE (EN 16005 / DIN 18650; TÜV certified)
  • EN 1627; PfB (Test Centre for Building Elements) certified
  • Prepared for EN 16361 (EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211)